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traditional nguni boerseep
environmentally friendly

afritan has a new product, the all-natural, odourless nguni boerseep, made from the fat of the nguni. our tannery is relentless in its endeavour to create uses for all by-products at the tan yard as well as at the factory.

our nguni boerseep has no added chemicals, is all natural, odourless and has a neutral ph. level.

excellent for sensitive or allergy prone skins, our nguni boerseep is soft on the skin. this product can also be used for washing your hair, shaving and gentle for babies. great for pets too! our nguni boerseep is 100% soluble in water so leaves no residue.

this soap can be used in all areas of our day to day living, is cheap and does no harm to our environment. use it to take out just about any stain: oil, blood, grease, grass, mud, red wine, and fruit. use on carpets, curtains, upholstery and to clean bathrooms.

can be used in washing machines: grate 125ml of the soap into warm water and add to the washing. use in hot or cold washes.

every family needs a bar of nguni boerseep!

the 'dani' satchel

about a month ago daniella lahav arrived at our factory and asked if she could experiment with leather. having spent the first 10 years of her life on a kibbutz in israel, this enthusiastic young hebrew woman fitted in comfortably and worked easily alongside our sewers and cutters. dani had very soon designed and developed the 'dani' satchel.

this satchel is lightweight and made from soft, quality tan leather with black trimmings and has been a hit with afritan customers.

daniella spent the next 18 years in new zealand where she got her fine arts degree at the university of auckland. she is now living in ladysmith where she will be for the next 2 years.

dani is a welcome guest at afritan!

newsletter - september 2013

dear customers,

afritan has been producing many fantastic new products and has an improved retail shop in dundee at the afritan factory.

graham, linell and their team on the factory floor are continually growing and turning out exciting new designs on soft furnishings, furniture, handbags, belts and slippers.

our tannery produces world class hides and skins from which all our products are made and are in the process of producing paint rollers from our sheepskin offcuts.

prospective customers looking for quality, handmade leather decor and curios for shops, lodges and guest houses are welcome to come and browse through our showroom in dundee at 18 avon street.

most of our products can also be viewed on our website.

afritan would like to regularly inform customers of newly developed products.

we would like to invite all tour guides to bring their guests to our showroom where customers can find souvenirs to take home.

afritan staff

afritan, from africa for the world

spring special
20% off all sheepskin slippers for september and october 2013
giving back to the community

afritan has opened its doors to government which runs training courses. these courses are aimed at rural farmers in zululand and assist them in adding value to their farming.

the course is run over five days and covers the process of skinning to the finished product.

equipped with this knowledge, the farmer is able to get up to r480.00 for the raw skin.

we also run school tours of the tannery.

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